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Today I noticed that the water in my fish tank (res) is electrically charged! I unplugged everything and inspected the submersible heater no visible problems/cracks. I did the same with the pumps and I tested them individually in another reservior- there were no indications of a tingle/shock when tested individuallly.

I reconnected all the components  and hooked them back up to the timers and there is still a tingling slight shock. I do have a few niks/cuts that sting alittle on my fingers.  I know the feeling of being shocked - I definitley was feeling a slight shock! It is much less pronounced- but it seems it is still charged- I presumed it is a short- or a wire is exposed - or something internal with something but found nothing. I am going to re check it all again...

Is there any tips on how to discern if there is an electrical charge in the water other than relying on finger sensation-

I want to make sure there is no risks to the fish.

Has anyone else experienced this?


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I don't think this is a good thing at all.  No particular experience with it though.

Probably a short or static electricity. On an outside chance, you may have created similar conditions to this with the plumbing of your system.  Water battery


Probably not, but possible. The off grid guys might like the video.

Definitely replace your pump or at the very least get some heat shrink and silicone and cover all nicked surfaces on your power cords. You will not feel static over and over due to it is discharged once felt and goes to ground. Pull the heater and feel the water and visa versa on the pump. No meter is going to read water to ground for current so you will have to depend on feel. Might have wife standing by with a 2x4 incase you are unable to let go hehe.Make sure you use aquarium silicone.
I have had a similar problem with a small heater before. My wife felt the shock, I did not notice it but when I picked it up while it was still plugged in  knocked the fire out of me. It still might be your pump but you will have to narrow it down one by one. I do electrical work by trade and what ever the problem might be, I would not try to fix it. If your system has been running for a few years then it could be signs that nothing was made to last for ever.  

Thanks for all your comments-

After I re-checked each of the pumps and heater & replugged it all in-  there was no more shock... I'm still not exactly sure what was causing it. I will be checking daily from now on... by dipping a clean finger....


Grow if you cant find it then you should replace both IMO. In order for you to feel current you have a current source coming in contact with water and when you touch that it connects the circuit to ground hence the shock. If this current was able to fully contact the water say the motor finnally shorted out you will put you and yours at risk. 110 volts kills more than all other voltages combined due to the hang up and cant let go factor. Add water to the mix and it  is double trouble. BEEEEE careful.

I agree with David to be very very careful. I am sure that one can rig something up to tell you if you have a short. Maybe use two wire connected to a LED and dangle one wire in the water while the other one touches the ground?


On a brighter note, a couple years ago I did some experiments with elctroculture that provided some interesting results. I'd sure like to redo and expand on those topics.


Does anyone have any experience with elctroculture?

I recently experenced this in a new home. A plug was not wired properly and the timer was a two prong that caused the problem. Make sure  you are using 3 prong timers
actually a CGFI outlet for a room with water tanks in it is a good idea too.

Well, maybe it is just me - I dipped a finger this morning and - I still feel a tingling sensation. Nobody else can sense/feel the electical current. It is very minimal-but has me concerned...


I have had the same sensation in old homes and it was always a conductor touching the copper pipe. It was like a small ant crawling on me.
Are you bare foot when you touch the water? Everybody else might be doing something different then you are. You might be the only one that is touching the ground in some sort of way. But be careful because it can kill you if you are not careful.

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