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I am considering purchasing a meter to measure dissolved oxygen in my aquaponic system with tilapia here in the Caribbean (temperature range of 75 - 85 degrees Fahrenheit). Saw the following online:

Was wondering about the experience of others. What works reliably? What is recommended?



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I have reviews of aquaponic appropriate dissolved oxygen meters online at my blog....

For less than either of those models you mentioned you could buy a used Hach Luminescent Dissolved Oxygen meter on ebay. I bought mine for around $200, and I see them going for that price regularly. 

Thanks. will check that out.

I heard you can't have too much oxygen in your system so why not just aerate the hell out of your tank. $200 will go a long way with an air pump not to mention other homemade aeration tricks.

Jeff is can't have too much O2 .  I make sure to aerate my water at every point it leaves a pipe by drilling 5/32 holes on a down angle to create a venturi effect. Its worked well for 4 years. You just have to go around with a pipe cleaner about one a month and brush out the holes as gunk/algae builds up. This and a good air pump are keeping my fish happy.

I agree with Jeff you cant have too much  O2. I borrowed an O2 meter (YSI 550A) from a local school and had a little fun checking different areas of my system, I found that the areas that I thought might be low in O2 where fine,glad I didn't spend the money on a meter. 

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