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Our water company tells me that there is 44.7 mg/l  of chloride in our water. Is that high enough to kill tilapia? Many of my fish are dying and I'm trying to figure out why. 

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Have you checked the ph, nitrite, nitrate, ect? That's where I would start.

Yes, certainly. pH is 6.5-7, no nitrite, no ammonia. Two more fish died today. 

what is your water temp at, do you have enough oxygen in the water. how long are you letting the top up water stand before use. are you putting an air stone in the top up water while it is off gassing. did something get into your system that shouldn't of.


I live in the Florida Keys so the water is in the mid-80s. 

I added additional aeration even though I already had two running. The tank is under my house so it's not an algae problem. 

Can't answer the last question really. No animals or bugs since the tank is closed up with screening on top. The only things I can think of are that the water has something in it that i don't know about or that something in the garden beds caused this. I have had birds and iguanas getting at my tomatoes and maybe their feces could cause this though I doubt that. 

I think the animals "poo" would only be like fertilizer. Wow well I just as stumped and would love to hear the solution of the solution. (Pun intended )


If it's practical find a local lake or pond and get water from there or rain water. I'm not sure if chloride dissipates like chlorine or not. 

From what I understand chloride does not dissipate like chlorine does. It requires an additive to remove.

And kills fish? I wonder. 

Chloride absolutely will kill fish 

44.7 mg/l is equivalent to 44 ppm.  If you fish is stressed or dealing with high nitrites, it is common to dose the water to 1-3ppt(parts per thousand).  44ppm / 1000 = 0.044 ppt.  So I don't think the chloride is to blame here.  Temperature swings, pH swings, metals like copper/galvanized, too little oxygen are all causes for fish deaths.  What is your top up source?  Does your water have chloramines added?

The water source is from our aqueduct authority here in the Keys. Yes, chloramines are added. I've purchased a complete water report from NTL but they have been slow to produce it. All fish dead now. 

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