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building a website for a non-profit aquaponic community garden

If we have anyone who is proficient, building web sites I would liike to talk to you.  We are a non-profit located in Tombstone Az.   Thanks Del Roach (Doc)

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It depends on what the site needs to do. It is actually not to difficult to set up a Wordpress site which will allow you to post pictures, updates and the like. If you need eCommerce that is a whole other ball of wax. Do you have a domain name register yet? My wordpress site is to give you an idea of what is possible.

I can help you with a Wordpress site

May be able to help.   what is your site just informational? are you building it yourself?   There are many tools you can use that are free and available.  I use Joomla, as it is pretty robust and there are alot of addons for your site.  here is one of my sites.  Aquaponics How to

I'm not experienced in this, but we just whipped up a site in a couple of evenings using IMCreator. The web builder program is free to use, and costs like few bucks per month to publish plus domain registration of like $10 per year. I had a few problems with it, but it's easy to navigate with common sense. Check it out

Its been a few years since I mucked about with coding.. But I'm familiar with joomla, WordPress, and drupal. I can even hand code a bit. Which system, if any, depends on what you need, really. How interactive are you wanting it, and how often you plan to update it are two places to start.

All I need is a strictly informational site to let folks know what we're up to. Thanks for responding Doc

If that's the case.. Perhaps a Facebook page would be the absolute easiest, not to mention cheap:D I keep track of a number if my favorite nonprofits that way, rather than visiting their websites.
Good call, Debra

Hi Del, there is a site that you can visit to get work done for you at reasonable prices.   I use "".   You can create a job and get people around the world to bid on building it.

Hopefully that helps

Del Roach said:

All I need is a strictly informational site to let folks know what we're up to. Thanks for responding Doc


I do websites very inexpensive. More importantly I set them up to be seo friendly for keywords you chose. 5 page website $50 and for $15 more I will set you up a nice facebook page to match your website and have a facebook link on your site where people can click to see it and interact directly.    please contact me here....



I built mine using WordPress and it's pretty easy to set up. Easy to install if your webhosting has 1 click setup. Just find a free theme you like and you're up and running

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