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What is the best tool to use to cut slits into PVC pipe?

I am aiming to make several 0.20 inch (5mm) slits... I figure I can mark the pipe and then use my hand dremel tool, but this would take quite a while unless there is an attachment I am unaware of.

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various types of saws will do it

Radial or table saw would work best but Even a hand saw would suffice and be easier than a dremel.

I prefer a hack saw or standard finish hand saw.

Table saw gets my vote...

People,  please be VERY careful when using a table saw, radial arm saw, or Miter saw to cut slots.

Make sure you have a firm grip on the piece, that your fingers are clear from the travel of the blade, and go slow.  You might want to turn your blade around backward.


I simply cut 2 IBC's and discovered jigsaw with edge simple to utilize. I likewise attempted a wood hand saw which additionally worked quite great yet left bigger teeth stamps anxious than the jigsaw. Both tidied up truly great with edge processor keep running crosswise over them. If your saw is not enough sharp then you can check some sharpener too

Next one I utilized jigsaw for the greater part of the work and wood saw on thicker plastic bits and where plastic uneven.

A cheap way that works pretty well is a box saw. .$15 ish at Wal-Mart. Its a hand saw with a plastic box frame for cutting trim boards at different angles.

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