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Aquaponics Conference and Association Website Tag Line

We have had a terrific response to the Aquaponics Conference survey (thank you to all who replied!!) and are now 95% sure that it is a "go"!  Over 100 of you have responded either "absolutely" or "yes" when asked if you would attend, and another 62 responded "maybe"!

Our next step is to create a website around the event, and a possible future organization that can perpetuate the event and initiatives that will hopefully come out of it.  Here is my question for all of you...

What is your idea for a slogan or tag line for this new website?  We need something short and punchy, that will signify promoting aquaponics.

Give it your best shot!!

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  • Ground Zero for Zero Ground
  • No Toil for Soil
  • The Dirt on Soilless Gardening
  • Fishy Not Dirty
  • The Circle of Life Just Found Your Backyard...
  • Aquaponics, We Mean Green
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  • OMG! Aquaculture and Hydroponics Had A Baby!

That's all I got.

I like this one !!

Robert McClellan said:
Aquaponics: Sustainable Food for the Future!

Need to create an event for this Sylvia so people have a place to go to see the details in case they misplaced the original e-mail

Good idea, TC!  We are so focused on putting up a website that I forgot just to throw something  up in here.  Thanks!
I'm also for aquaponicon - tagline:  from locavore to backyardivore
I like that backyardivore
I like that too!  I'm seeing one of those tee-shirt images where they have the ape evolving into man... hmmm...


Aquaponics – bringing  sea-world home

Full Circle


Aquaponics: A full life


An idea for the next convention: Have an contest on the conventions website for t-shirt designs, those who win could get "awards" that don't cost the association. Like a free event or a an invite to the convention. The t-shirts would be sold while the convention is in progress and profits put to upkeep costs and some charity.

As there are already those within the association that make t-shirts, they might lead this contest and/or have continued sales for these designs. 

I for one would love to have an t-shirt with the associations logos when I'm preaching the good word (of aquaponics).

Love it, Modur!

T-Shirts yes great idea.


And I would go for big brimmed hats since I wear those out protecting myself from the sun.


How bout fish cleaning aprons?


Whole range of very useful products that people would buy to support the association.

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