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Aquaponics Conference and Association Website Tag Line

We have had a terrific response to the Aquaponics Conference survey (thank you to all who replied!!) and are now 95% sure that it is a "go"!  Over 100 of you have responded either "absolutely" or "yes" when asked if you would attend, and another 62 responded "maybe"!

Our next step is to create a website around the event, and a possible future organization that can perpetuate the event and initiatives that will hopefully come out of it.  Here is my question for all of you...

What is your idea for a slogan or tag line for this new website?  We need something short and punchy, that will signify promoting aquaponics.

Give it your best shot!!

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A Southern California event would be nice!

Not sure about that as a slogan, Lonny, but our plan is to have this event in different locations every year so I would think that So Cal would be on the short list for a future event.


I'm thinking more along the lines of "Bringing Aquaponics to the World"...but I'm not sure I like that very much...


Educating, Encouraging, Inspiring

1st annual AquaponicON


The Birth of Fresh & Local Food For All




Aquaponics, Farmings Future!!

Aquaponics: Sustainable Food for the Future!
Thanks for all these!!  We are going to focus in on one in the next couple days, and they keep getting better with each passing entry!

How about:

Aquaponics - There's Something Fishy Going On!


LOL. Good luck and thanks for doing this.

love it!
Aquaponics-R-US  ,Wet and wild aquaponics 

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