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And now for something completely different..........

Some people simply should not be allowed to touch any DIY project, tool, or even a plant, it seems.  Over the years, We have come to despise the previous owners of this house, fort everything that requires fixing needs a big breakdown and re-build to fix the previous muddle-up.  We even coined a new phrase.  In the past, something that was really well and truly beyond repair was simply FUBAR.  Now, if something is simply beyond being FUBAR, it has been Callaghan'd.  Take my main water line.  In a time of drought, we simply cannot afford any losses, so when we discovered some damp soil during the digging of holes for a car-port structure, the hunt was on for the problem.  Somehow I knew it was going to be a real winner, because as you can see, the previous person in charge of the property was really robbed of gardening foresight.


Here is a beautiful Norfolk pine planted on the edge of our property boundary. 
No problem with that at all, until you take a closer look.




Here is our water mains connection, and there is the tree.  It is a bloody miracle that they did not go through the line when they planted the tree.  Perhaps they did.  They must have had some issue with in the past, because the hunt for leaks revealed a typically Callaghan'd main water line.  Small leaks everywhere as the kind folk stuffed around with the line every time the tree tore it apart.


Here is the end result.




So there.  A multiple cut and paste and bend and patch as they have only been able to out perform on their efforts to patch the family room roof.  Unfortunately they have managed to breed, so this kind of crime against proper maintenance and logical gardening will repeat itself somewhere in time.  If I have been a bit quiet of late, it is because I am trying to straighten this mess out…….and finish the car port.


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too funny...if it wasn't so sad!  I think your theory that some people just shouldn't be allowed to DIY is the same thing as some people shouldn't be allowed to have kids.  Just because it seems easy when you start the "project" the long term ramifications can be huge if you don't know what you are doing...or don't care enough to figure it out.
AP surely is a great teacher it even teaches scientist to become innovative plumbers! and pavers and DIY's.......... LoL!

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