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A quick walk through of our recently completed (for now) grow room. We have just started growing.

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Comment by LogicalHydro on March 27, 2011 at 12:25pm
Haha. Papyrus is overused but oh well. Thanks for the compliment. The GB's are 6" deep to top of hydroton. The tank was $150 and it was shipped from Ohio. It was $140 for shipping :(. The spray bottle is for foliar spray of maxicrop and bcuzz. The 5 gallon bucket(now buckets) are DWC. You're right about the green lights. My timers go off around 8pm so I still need light to work after that. All beds are on the same cycle of 5 min/40 min off. Two t5's per shelf for the seedlings. And yes that is a carbon filter lol.
Comment by Burton on March 27, 2011 at 11:09am
just remembered green light can be used for working at night so as not to disturb your plants >.< how could I have forgot that
Comment by Burton on March 25, 2011 at 11:31pm

my eyes! my eyes! I cant see .... I have been blinded by papyrus, again. QUICK get some helvetica!

LOL graphic design jokes aside your setup is awesome ... How deep are your GB's, what all is in there?


320 gal tank (that had to be expensive if your outside TX where these are manufactured >.<)

3x3 (x2) in a 4 x 8 grow tent with two 600w on individual balasts and linked reflectors with ventilator and filter 0_0

4x4 GB (Who knows how many chemicals under this bed >.<) Pest control sprayer beside it? 1000w dimmable over this one

DWC ? (didnt see where it was) or was this the  Drip pot in corner near tent with a tree in it? 250w light used here

RO filter near sink

Green lights? (just curious why they are green as plants dont really use green light)

One timer, to control them all (see that LOTR reference there lol)

All beds E/F / FnD or some constant flood?

Pond pump *unknown gph*

Another small pump for 3x3 grow beds

Air pump (man that thing pushes out air!)

Seedling rack with T? 4 layers high

Is the green capped 3' white cylinder a massive carbon filter?



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