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Well things are looking great,,,new growth,,

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Comment by Bob Campbell on August 18, 2012 at 8:18am

Don't forget to plant some spinach and lettuce.

Hey I filled the bottom 2 feet of my fish tank with pumice.  The clean water flows from the sump up through the pumice providing a huge bio-filter.   It's taking quite a while to get the water clear, but I don't think the fish mind.  They like building their nests and have dug holes about 6" deep.   The bottom was flat when I started, now it's full of hills and valleys.  I placed some pieces of PVC in for the fry, but the pipes are slowly sinking into the pumice, 

Here's a link to my video about my new arrangement.  I don't have too many vegetables in the rafts right now because of the redesign but it's a good time to get my fall crop started.  The cucumber vines are beginning to whither and the tomatoes are ripening.  I'm looking forward to the season's change and hope to do an even better job than last year.

How's your outdoor garden doing?

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