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Aquaponics 55 gallon started - my 10 gallon leaked :(

Woke up the other morning to find all but 1 gallon of water in my 10 gallon tank had leaked out, and only 10 days after the filter redesign! Urghhh! After a quick rescue of...

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Comment by Ricky Flickenger on December 17, 2010 at 10:00am

My 10 gallon community moved to a partial filled 55 gallon.  Everyone, amazingly, survived after a night without air or a filter, a day in chemically conditioned water with just an air pump running and no filter, then later that night being dumped into their new home.  Waiting now for signs of cycling - but I even found a baby guppy who survived, so I'm hopeful.  This tank will be built upon, eventually filled & I'm planning on having zipgrow towers above it by this spring.

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