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Urban Aquaponics in 20 foot container

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Comment by Averan on December 4, 2011 at 1:39pm

I can't figure out how you would rotate crops in this setup.  Whatever you plant in the rows furthest away will be harvested last....and it looks like you'd have to harvest everything in order to keep things in cycle and be able to physically get to mature plants when they're ready.

Some way to keep a rotation of the rows going, as is possible in DWC with floating rafts, or an altered way to access any of the rows from below, perhaps with a movable platform or ladder, would solve the production problem.

I still think you could gain a lot of space by building decks partially covering the top of the fish tanks; big wooden lids you can stand on.  You could use that standing room to better access the growing troughs from below, or store supplies....maybe even a work station for seeding and harvesting?

I like the overall idea a lot.  :)

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