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At 5:12am on March 18, 2012, Rob Nash said…

Tim and Susanne, I hope all is well and wish you the best.

much love, Rob Nash

At 6:16am on March 11, 2011, Sahib Punjabi said…


May you all by safe and protected from this International disaster is my prayer to the Supreme Lord.

God bless

At 12:30pm on January 19, 2011, Patrick Onerhime said…

Hi Tim,


I sent you an e-mail requesting a copy of your 2007 Business Plan. I need it as a guide, please.



At 11:47am on August 31, 2010, David Hart said…
OK....Thanks !
At 1:31pm on August 28, 2010, FriendlyAquaponics said…
Regarding David Hart's post, below:

Of course not! I just realized that my function here as originator of crazy/big ideas (which usually Tim gets a bit pissy about. and says that my idea is impractical/impossible, before figuring out a way to implement them!) and motivator of people to START a system is probably not what is most wanted and needed here.

Looks to me like most of you already have started a system, and do not need to be enrolled in the idea of Aquaponics - you already are! And more than that, you are PASSIONATE about Aquaponics.

Originally my idea was to share the page, but it quickly became obvious that Tim is the Mann (pardon the pun!), and I am better at conducting farm tours and the like.

No worries, and thanks so much for your consideration.


PS I will start my own profile, for those of you that would like inspiration!
At 1:24pm on August 28, 2010, Roger Pilon said…
Good Move! Happy you are now an active member of this wonderful group!
At 12:57pm on August 28, 2010, David Hart said…
Hi Tim (and Susane), I hope I didn't hurt Susane's feelings, when I directed my post and questions to you on 'her' page. That was 'not' my intent....I'm sorry.
I guess I thought, perhaps, you two were sharring this page (?)

By all means, please tell Suzzane ...a 'BIG thank you', from me. She's the one I should be thanking for helping to motivate myself and others in AP :-)
Tim, since she said your the 'idea guy'...thank you for the great ideas !
At 11:58am on August 28, 2010, FriendlyAquaponics said…
YAYAYAY! Figured out how to change the profile information to reflect that this will be Tim's account, from now on!
At 11:46am on August 28, 2010, FriendlyAquaponics said…
Aloha All,

Just an FYI: This account will be represented by Tim, and not Susanne. Tim is the technical guy, while I am the one who has the big ideas and is best known for motivating people to become interested in Aquaponics. Turns out you all already have your own wonderful and big ideas, and you are already motivated and interested (passionate!) about Aquaponics.

So, I humbly turn over the FriendlyAquaponics page to Tim, even though the profile says "female", which I cannot figure out how to change.

Thanks so much, and have fun with Tim. He'll be much more useful here than I could ever be, and he's a great guy.

At 6:43am on August 28, 2010, David Hart said…
Hi Tim, Wow, thank you so much for offering to help with advice. Also I'd like to thank you and Chris Smith for the insperation to move into the commercial arena.

My friend and I are currently adding/building DWC's based on your my existing system.

I've read at your site and just again in your news letter, where you make the most cash flow from the vegetables.

Since we live in Central Fl, near Disney, we have a very diverse culture of people here. We believe we will be able to sell lots of fish, in addition to the plants. I mention this, so you know, we will be going with a higher density of fish, when I ask the next few questions.

If you would please help with these questions, it will be greatly appreciated !

1st one...Where is the de-gas tank placed in the system ? ...and what is it's purpose ?

2nd...What should the water flow through the GB's be ?....I was basing my flow, in concerns with the (higher density) fish tank(s), trying to circulate the water twice an hour in their tank(s).

3rd....I know we need to add air stones in the DWC's......Is there a 'rule of thumb' for how many and the space between...?

'Thank you so much', in advance for any advice given !

David Hart
At 10:51pm on August 27, 2010, Sylvia Bernstein said…
And a bow back to you, Susanne, for the work you and Tim are doing to promote this amazing, world-changing growing technique that we all love.

And thank you for referring your students to our community site! I've noticed a few saying they came based on your recommendation the past couple days.

Delighted you have joined us.

At 9:00pm on August 27, 2010, Michelle Silva said…
Glad you joined the group!
At 3:32pm on August 26, 2010, Earl ward said…
Welcome looking forward to hearing your thoughts. Nice to have an experienced commercial operator
At 3:16pm on August 26, 2010, Sylvia Bernstein said…
Hi Friendly,

Thanks for joining the Aquaponic Gardening community! I hope you find it a fun place to explore aquaponics. There is a real blend of experienced and new aquapons in this community, so please don’t hesitate to join in. Always thrilled to have experienced growers join us – I've been enjoying your newsletters!

A great place to start is to read the How to Use This Site link on the upper right corner, “Start Here” section of the Main page.

Thanks again for joining us, and I look forward to getting to know you.


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