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What no Snow? Oh and No heat either, but were still cycling...and planning.

Hello everyone,  

January gardening has been pushed back to February.  I was supposed to finish something.. but every week we kept driving off to see our new grandson and helping out the kids.

we shut off the lights and fans, but kept the pump and water heater going, so our system is idling with no plants.

So while the weather has been dry and cold most projects are in the collecting of supplies stage.

 1)  I did manage to score a new door for the greenhouse for $5.00. I will wait until March to install it.  the zipper door is still serviceable, and it keeps most of the people out.

2)  Also picked up a kit for rainwater collecting at a yard sale... just need the barrels.

I really need to get the rainwater collection project started, I just know it will rain the day after I add water to the system.  it always does.  It normally rains a lot here, but this year has been mostly cold and windy.  Now I have a cold and can't get anything done!

  So I am planning on collecting water off the back of my house, with something tapped into the downspout drain.  Can any of you fellow growers recommend a good trash can that will not split, or collapse when it becomes full and temps drop down below freezing.  I would like to get more than 1 season out of this project.  we will be building a stand to support the weight and keep it about 4 feet above the ground to allow for water pressure and add some dirt plants to make it pretty.

After seeing sheila's hoop house with the wood stove,and pipe arrangement. for dual heat,   

3)  I added a new project to my list. "Temporary wood heat".

 I decided that I can modify an old bbq smoker, and there is room near the middle of my greenhouse that I can set it up, vent it and still not melt my covering,  I figure that I can use wood, or pellets or whatever I can scrounge up. if it works I will wrap the whole thing in some type of metal tubing that I can piggy back off my sump pump and draw heat to my ibc as well.  Again any recommendations on pipe I was thinking 3/4" metal conduit but am open to suggestions. 

4) seedling growing area that works. and gets us going again....

5)  continue with trimming our hedge for more natural light.

I'm still trying to keep most projects to $40 or less, So i may need to go surplus shopping again   we will post some new photos mid February.


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Comment by Berne Labru on February 13, 2014 at 11:20am

 "I added a new project to my list. "Temporary wood heat". I was thinking 3/4" metal conduit"

I would agree; a copper coil may transfer heat (air to fluid; fluid to air; fluid to fluid) better than some other metals.

I would offer to send you some information about a multi-fueled, stored energy system which I feel would work well for larger operations; whether it is Aquaponics or other ventures requiring heat for hot water (potable/domestic) or just heating. I WILL NOT try to sell you anything; just provide information for you to review. I do plan on using the smaller model for just my cold frame & aquaponics venture.

My intent is only to provide information as this appliance may not be for everyone; however, it can be for most anyone.

Thank you,


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