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The fish are in, the plants are in and all is well.  Very soon we will be harvesting lettuce and enjoying the fruits of our labor.  We've managed to outsmart the lizards that were eating the tender seedlings by putting them in the troughs once their roots were sticking out of the net pots.  The shade cloth (60%) is working great.  We put in half the fish 2 weeks ago and the other half a week ago and have only lost one from the move.  These were full size Tilapia so we are grateful that they are from healthy stock.  We've had extremely hot temperatures and are still productive.  Our solar panels are working better than expected so we won't be worrying about power outages and dead fish.  Extremely happy with the results.  I've posted some before and after pictures to document life before aquaponics!  Thanks to everyone for your support.

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