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I have re-started my system with 16 8-10" trout in a 150 gallon stock tank and pea plants in two 50 gallon grow beds. Fish-less cycling in preparation for the trout was very quick compared to the new system startup last spring. I was concerned that the temperature differential between the outdoor pond at the hatchery (45 F) and the water in my basement tank (62 F) would be a problem, but all the fish seem to have survived it despite some initial sluggishness.

This time we also had a cover on the tank before we put the fish in. My biggest problem in the first go was the jumpers who found their way out on the first night before we got a more secure covering in place.

Right now it looks like things are going very well. I tried direct seeding for the peas instead of starting them in pellets with mixed results. I had some initial problems with seeds that were soaked too long or planted too deep. I made mush out of most of the first batch. The second batch has done much better and is filling in the grow beds with plants. Peas grew very well in my first experiment last fall, so I'm hoping to get a good crop. The cool water and low-intensity flourescent lights didn't produce many tomatoes, and the broccoli and bean crops were mediocre, but the peas and lettuce thrived so I'm going with those this time.

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