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Finally found others doing aquaponics in Iceland. I've been looking for others and writing articles and have a fb site with 90 members. The other aquapons where hiding in my home town where I am studying...

They are renting a greenhouse but I have not yet met them.

I just got a 250 fm. leaky workspace for aquaponics with timber to build grow beds and pro fishtanks for goldfish (for show). I'm working with World wide friends which is an volunteer program with 1200-2000 volunteer per year in Iceland. There will be 3 workshops with aquaponics this summer and hopefully a few half year volunteers working on making the whole place self sustainable within two years. 

Mörður G.Ott.



or whatever you want to call me.

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Comment by Gina Cavaliero on March 26, 2012 at 9:20am

Great news Ferret!  Congrats!  

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