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Well, it's been two months between blog posts, but I hope to increase the frequency to monthly and then gradually to weekly.

I bought a house and moved in February, then about a week after we moved, an hailstorm did a lot of damage to the plants in the system.  I'd been holding off on a lot of planting in anticipation of the move, but the ones that survived are doing fine.

Last week I added a third barrel to the fish system.  I still have the same 4 grow beds.  I've also got everything configured to start using the new air pump I purchased.  I was out at Raychel's two weeks ago and we figured out the mechanics of the parts & pieces.  Then I came home, scrounged for most of it and bought the rest.  Almost ready to get my vertical wall going.  I salvaged a bed frame which has some STURDY wire framing.  It's got some perfect slots for troughs, so I purchased some 4" guttering when Hardware Hawai'i was moving their Kane'ohe location out to Kapolei.  Great deals!  Bought out a bunch of their PVC fittings & got some great 10' lengths of 2" 33% off too!  I'm excited to get that up with the air pump on it.  Was pretty simple cutting the guttering, got end caps so now I have 6 5' lengths, that's 12 endcaps, & I'll probably just have them one above the other so that it's all gravity feed.  Just have to solve the question of where the water drains to and how it gets back to the pump.  It'll come to me.

I've been able to work around the beautiful Plumeria trees and Dwarf Elkhorn Ferns in my back yard.  I've got more to work around in the front, but not to worry, I'll find ways.

Exciting things happening here :) I'll try to post pics on this tomorrow. 

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