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Newbie looking for aquapod friends in Orlando Florida area

Hello . Nice to meet everyone. I am an avid square foot gardener for many years, and have recently fell in love with aquaponics. I don't think there is a video on YouTube or a website I have not visited yet. I am currently in the construction phase of my system. I am working on a CHOP 2 system. I have a 600 gallon tank, a 200 gallon sump, 2x 100gal, media beds, 4x 100 gal raft beds an I tied in 10 self watering wicking buckets. I definately have the bug. I am getting close to starting my first fishes cycle. I know with my volume of water that I should have @200 fish in my system, but think I will start with 100. any insight on whether or not I should start with 100 would be greatly appreciated. also in about 6 weeks I will be looking to stock my tank with blue Tilapia. if anyone would be willing to donate a few fingering or fry to get me started I would be much appreciative...... I will most defiantly pay it forward in return.... thank you all.... I am so looking forward to this new project. I live in the Orlando Florida area and am looking forward to meeting other aquapods in this area.

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Comment by Vic Costello on June 21, 2013 at 4:32pm

Hi Jamie,

I have a 275 gal tank with 6 grow beds.  I bought my blue tilapia at a state licensed fish farm in Myakka City FL just off from SR 70 between Bradenton and Arcadia FL.  I paid $50 for 50 fish sizes from 3 inches to 10 inches not sexed.  The fish are very healthy.  They eat like pigs every night.  Give me a shout anytime you want to compare notes.  I am four months into aquaponics and I am having a ball.  I am quickly learning what to grow and what not to grow.  My biggest problem right now is pest control.


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