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Hello Everyone,
I live in Maine, built a 4 season aquaponic greenhouse, runs on solar power and Ground battery,(SHCS).

I employ, siphon controlled media beds, Rafts, vertical growing, Duckweed production, Bioponic theories, and low energy/high output systems.

Here is a photo journal of my gardens

I also work for a Pesticide free hydroponic production greenhouse called Olivias Garden, we grow tomatoes, cucs, basil , lettuce, microgreens.

Currently pursuing B.S. in Botany and Plant physiology.

Also working on an aquaponic project for a technical highschool that will be used for teaching and production for the school, and eventually adult education training.

Im also a professional baker, working in my spare time at Moms Organic Munchies, we make Gluten free , Refined Sugar Free , Dairy free treats that will blow you away.

Since I had stumbled on aquaponics I have been utilizing this site and many others as a wonderful research and teaching venue for my own learning and reflecting. It has been a wonderful aid to my neurosis. LOL Thank everyone for all of your information and I hope to contribute as much as you all have someday.

I look forward the awesome future of farming.

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