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Sometimes I feel like I am staring at a blank canvas. Well, mostly blank but easily corrected. I have a wide range of skills, growing up in a family of do-it-yourselfers and engineers will do that. I can pour concrete, weld, currently working as a plumber, frame, and just about build anything. I would like to set up an aquaponic garden for not just myself, but my father as well. You see he's been slowly losing his vision for the last 30+ years. He also was raised to take pride in the work of your own hands, so sitting down on welfare doesn't seem like a valid option for him. However he does have several interests including gardening and fish. So it seems like aquaponics would be a nice fit. 

Back to the blank canvas. I have available one and a half acres of land to use as I see fit. So I am in the position to grow as big as I would care to. I have easy access to heavy machinery and construction materials. As such building, or perhaps digging would be a better verb, I digress, a pond is a very real possibility. The only limit would be my stamina. I am currently kicking around a 30'x30'x5' with a gradual slope for about 200 gallons of water (My math may be wrong). That connected to a greenhouse running on solar/wind is tempting.

I know that game fish grow slower than Tilapia, but also that Catfish, Bass, and Crappie can withstand the temperature swings here without specialized equipment. That and honestly I prefer the taste of all three to Tilapia ;). I may dig two ponds one for Tilapia to sell and the other for personal. Hmm.... That would open up some possibilities now. I could be at full steam within a year, while my fish were growing. 

But my world is a blank canvas. My only limitation is myself. Now just to fill it up in a way that brings me some form of peace and happiness. 


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Comment by RON HOWARD on August 24, 2013 at 12:00pm

I can relate. I built one in a small greenhouse with 4" pvc it worked well until the old root bound got to it. I am just finishing up on a larger system. If it works as well as the smaller one I will build a bigger one thinking of a above ground pool. Remember water temp. is just as important for the fish as it is for the plants.

Comment by Virginia Norvell on August 20, 2013 at 7:33am

I can tell you from experience that having fresh organic veggies and since we can't raise Tilapia due to the Florida laws, we will be raising bass, that your dad and yourself will benefit from this garden. I am a health minister from Hallelujah Acres ( and there are great testimonies where just changing your diet can not only effect your health but also your mental outlook. When we eat the standard American diet, we also suffer from ups and downs in our emotional life. I hope this helps and also encourages you to go forward! Blessings!

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