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Hello  I am new to this but, have a very "blue" thumb"   If you have fish issues  feel very welcome to pm or email me questions I do not mind.  I was curator of aquatics at a major aquarium,, and run a pond and aquarium service here, in Jacksonville fl.  Today I will set my 410 gallon tank and in 2 weeks will put in 2  8X4 rafts untill I can increase the fish size.  inittially I will have tilapia and irridesant sharks ( I can sell the irredessant shark/catfish, if any one would like some). 


I am looking for som Basa  very simulare to the cats I have now but larger and meater.  any on know where?


Also any recomendations on seed company  I want to do field greens, spinach and othwer salad stuff ( getting too fat lately)


Please excuse any miss spellling,  a little perception issue, :)


John Jay,   904 859 9138

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