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OK, we've been up and running for two weeks now, bated breath, but starting to let it out, everything seems balanced in the system.


If you'd like to see one extremely conservative way to save space, search facebook (FB in future posts) for Lanai Aquaponics.


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Comment by Kirsten Udd on November 30, 2011 at 1:05am

Hey Chris!  Thank you for your interest.  I started with the barrelponics blueprint and improved on it, cheaper :D  If you search facebook for Lanai Aquaponics, you'll find my 5 min video walkaround.  It's not just blab, blab, it's fairly thorough.  I just changed the settings on the video so it is now public, sorry, thought I'd already done it.


We've got 20 Tilapia and our 7 or 8 guppies have babies, I have seen at least 8 in there.


I'm looking at property right now and hope to buy soon so I can start up a business.  I've downloaded your business plan and am trying to pull things together right now.


I'm on the windward side, so I get lots of rain and don't have to worry about evaporation as much as others.


Honestly, it's pretty small, it's all I could fit in the space we have, but I bet I could fit one more!


Thanks for looking!



Comment by Chris Smith on November 30, 2011 at 12:37am

Aloha from the Big Island. What kind of system are you running? I am always interested to see what others are doing in Hawaii.

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