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I joined because I am about to begin my first solo design/build. I have seen two systems in operation, and helped build the first as a landscape focal point. Though the effect is nice, and the fish are fun and capable of feeding a few floating beds it is not what I want to design this time.

My friend built a make-shift system in his shed that successfully feeds three flush and fill beds in succession, it is exponentially more productive. I was not around for it's design and construction, however, and so in my research I was directed here. My hope is that if I share the process with you through pictures and regular updates, the more experienced members will catch any blunders or mistakes. Hopefully through exploring the archives and blogs available, I can predict and avoid any pit-falls and hurdles that may arise.

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Comment by Erik Powell on March 26, 2015 at 10:59pm
Hey man if u wanta cut all the mumbo jumbo on how to build a ap system come visit my farm. I offer consulting your time spent with me will be well worth your time. Thanks

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