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i think this is day four of my goldfish ick infection but I haven't exactly been keeping track. I lost one-- the little black moor--yesterday. He may have been the source, but as they're all infected, it's a moot point to be blaming any one fish. The white specks have either fallen off, or are smaller that they have been all week. I know my fish are far from being free of this thing, but this is the longest a batch has lived with it in any of my ponds.

Even though the new growbeds are in, I will be continuing the daily water changes and tank cleaning. It looks as though it's working.

Just in case, I'm doing the same for the biggish pond. Well, once a week water changes anyway. Those goldies look to be ick free thus far, but the elusive cichlids may not be.

Btw--the reason I'm not using salt is because I lost an enire batch of goldies from that method.

Overall, they look as though they are made of velvet, which I hope is not a secondary fungal infection. Behavior is the same as ever. They even play "tag" with each other in there--nibbling each other's tails and fins then wiggling away.

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Comment by Debra Colvin on June 26, 2011 at 10:33pm

unfortunately, the fish did not make it:(


Even the new fish were showing signs(flashing, scraping off scales) of an ick infection after a few days in that water. It's changed, salted, and running through my beds.


the new fish just died as I was trying to save them. Their death was entirely my fault, as I was in a hurry and I skipped a few steps in setting up the sick tank for them.


My plan now is to let the ick die out in a fish less pond. no food=parasite death, right? That'll take what? a couple of weeks?


The back pond, in comparison, is much more stable. maybe because it's bigger, but no fishy problems that I can tell.

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