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 Hello every community memembers,

I am a new member in Seoul, Korea. I am going to move to a remote country from Seoul in March and start new farming life with aquaponics.  I found out this technology through reading the below news letter posted on December 18th 2016,the news of the first aquaponics system established by Korean government. After that, I have searched aquaponics through various internet sources and signed up Sylvia Bernstein's online teaching and joined this community a few days ago. I think very few people in Korea know of aquaponics at present so I am looking forword to all your help.

After I start my country life, I will post all the procedures of my aquaponics facilities and ask your advice.


Yours sincerely,

Jimmy Yang

충남수산硏, 아쿠아포닉스 무환수 친환경 양식 성공

사육 어류 성장 5배 증가·쌈채소류 1주일 1회 채취 확인

(아시아뉴스통신=최솔기자) 기사입력 : 2016년 12월 18일 09시 50분

충남도 수산연구소 내수면개발시험장의 아쿠아포닉스 무환수 친환경 양식.(사진제공=충남도청)

충남도 수산연구소(소장 성낙천) 내수면개발시험장이 올해 국내 수산연구기관 최초로 시도한 ‘아쿠아포닉스(Aquaponics) 양식시험’에서 무환수 친환경 양식에 성공했다.

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