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Today made for a great day to clone a few new plants for my garden.  I have made it a practice to buy two plants and put one in the soil and the other in the A/P garden, but to take cuttings from both to get new starts.  The new starts are in soil pods and will be placed in both the soil and A/P Garden as they develop roots. 

I have been successful at cloning Stevia, Basil and Tomatoes.  I am nurturing cuttings from my peach tree and various other herbs like oregano and thyme.  I hope they take root too.   

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Comment by Randy Mann on June 10, 2013 at 8:33pm

The hydroponic side has some excellent cloners available here:  Aeroponic Cloner.  I have no ties to this company but every time I go to the hydroponic store I am close to picking one of these up! 

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