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I have been approached by an arm of the UN to investigate establishment of sustainable aquaculture in Iran. This can be either RAS or aquaponics.


The idea is to have a Canadian firm build a pilot plant there, most likely in Khuzestan. Once the pilot plant is operating successfully, then the business would expand to many more such plants. Involvement on the Canadian side can range from supplying drawings to supervision of constructing and operating the entire plant-and obviously there is enormous potential here for expansion.


There are political issues. Fortunately, the funding/coordinating agency is a branch of the UN, and so avoids all sanctions. I am assured that transferring funds is not a problem. This is clean money, for a good cause.


I would love to hear from any out there who would like to tackle this. The first phase would be a site visit, during which necessary data would be collected. Then a plan would be submitted, and work would commence.


If you are interested, please send me a one-pager with some company details, where you have worked, what you would propose, etc. Feel free to contact me for more information-I might even have answers. I will then sift through the submissions, select one or two, and submit the budget for the site visit. I hope to get all this done in the next couple of weeks.


Mike Risk

            519 369 3874



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