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I have started my build after a long winter of waiting. I have uploaded a few photos of my progress so far.  The first group is of the greenhouse setup and getting the sump tank set.  The second group of photos is the layout of Phase 1.

I will be completing this build in 4 Phases.

Phase 1 - will be pretty much the same build I had as last year except that I will be adding a swirl filter and replumbing the whole system in order to modularize it and make it easy to add the new modules. This phase consists of a 100 gallon fish tank; 100 gallon sump tank; 2 - 17 gallon grow beds filled with media; 1 - 17 gallon raft bed; and the new filter.

Phase 2 - will be where I add the 275 gallon IBC tote for a second fish tank and 4 - 55 gallon barrels used for the 8 media grow beds. The 17 gallon grow beds will become all raft beds.

Phase 3 - will be the addition of some vertical towers.

Phase 4 - will be the addition of solar power.

Can't wait till it is all done!

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