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I am looking into starting an Aquaponic farm in Arkansas, anyone else out there doing so? And if so what area are you in?

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Comment by Clark E. Fullwood on November 4, 2015 at 3:00pm

I have been growing aquaponics  for about 3 years now outside in Texas. I have 2 275 gal totes for fish and a 1/2 tote for a nurse tank. Have 4 elevated grow beds and am installing this fall 30 zipgrow towers and a 30 X 4 foot DWC addition to it. I have been growing my tomatoes in a bucket system with around 35 plants which has been very productive. I am considering trying to modify this to use a very large gravel bed tied to the aquaponic system, but haven't decided for sure as the other way has been very good. I am going to build a 21 x 60 foot hoop house by spring if possible, but as usual time is big issue.

Comment by mary dalton on September 16, 2015 at 1:08pm

I am in southeast Kansas and looking to put in a green house to start the aquaponics have been doing a lot of research I already grow all the veggis my family eats but with all the tilling weeding and mulching it gets harder each year and with the aquaponics I would eliminate all that as well lower the water bill and make money from the fish and the xtra veggies just have to come up with the money is the only thing holding me back

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