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Aquaponics is a water creation process, which consists of hydroponics and aquaculture growing practices. It is a process of growing fish in tanks while hydroponics is the art of growing plants in water. This whole exercise is aimed at growing both fish and plants in the same water body. Nevertheless, it depends with the type of plants or fish you are rearing to note the type of water you are going to use either salty of fresh. Whole year can grow fresh vegetable and fish. The aquaponic food and benefit can be produced for both small scale and commercial use.

These types of foods have various earnings. They do not use soil thus; they can thrive in any type of land. This is advantageous for you will not have to deal with any types of weeds. More to this, you will also be able to save a lot of money because you will not be required to purchase any type of manure. Moreover, you also get to save because you will not require the services of tractors or incur irrigation expenses.

Another benefit of using the Aquaponics is the fact that you will not have to use energy or irrigation water. This is a major benefit unlike when using traditional farming. This means that you get to save up to seventy percent of what you are going to use in the traditional farming process.

This process is also beneficial to both the fish and plants. This is because; you will not have to clean the fishbowl. The plants that are growing clean the water, thus supplying the fish with clean and fresh water. This enables the fish to become healthier. Also plant will grow faster because of nutrient rich water. Your small amount of time is enough to taking care the whole system.

Aquaponics is also an educational tool. This means that the school children can get to view the advantages of this type of agriculture for themselves and others. They can use this system as, learning project. More to this, they get to view the essentials and care given to living things.

Another advantage of this type of farming is that the plants grow twice as fast. This way of farming can grow salads, tomato, beans, lettuce, watercress, herbs, etc. Also can cultivate fresh fish such as, tilapia, Baramunddi, Carp, Perch, Gold fish etc. Vegetable from Aquaponic system is organic; it is a big profit for your regular nutrition . You can feel the test of organic vegetable at your own home.  More to this, Aquaponic food and benefits is available irrespective of the season. The fast growth is brought about by the surplus supply in water.

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