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Growing Food, Growing Minds - Community Aquaponics at GrowHaus

What makes you passionate about aquaponics? I’m sure an answer (or many) jumped to mind, from conserving water, to abundant nutritious vegetables, the fish greeting you each morning or the empowering feeling of growing your own food. We love all of those things too, but what makes us passionate about aquaponics is being able to share it with other people. Just like sharing your pictures, stories and dialog through the aquaponics community, sharing…


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Tower media

I'm sure that I have missed this along the way. I know that Nate uses a specific fiber media in his towers that was purchased from a supply company that only sells in bulk. I have also noticed that other people have setup towers. What media is everyone else using? I have investigated pads for air conditioners, swamp coolers, green scrubby sponges, floor buffers, Coir mats, etc. Looking for the solution that works for others, fits well in the 6" x 6" fence post, is inexpensive, easy to get and… Continue

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Go Aquaponics

Thank you to Sylvia for getting this blog off the ground. I agree completely that aquaponics is addicting. Within a week of discovering the concept, we started building three systems, signed up for an aquaponics workshop at Nelson and Pade and decided to change professions to make aquaponics a business. We have already had the pleasure of connecting with a passionate group of people that are working to make aquaponics a reality for themselves and others. These are truely exciting times when… Continue

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