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getting water higher using air pumps.

Jon has the right idea, dig a well or resovoir that is capped at the bottom.

We find 4 to eight feet is great. 

It takes 1/2 PSi per foot of depth to get the air lift started. After the air is displacing the water, the water is lighter and it takes less air. A 5 psi pump is the strongest we have ever used. 5 psi will inject air in at 10 foot depth. 

We use TWO inputs on heights over 20 foot. 

Dig the well to say four foot, pump the…


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Olomana Gardens, what we do different?

Olomana Gardens  take on Aquaponics:
We practice  Vermi-Aero-Aqua-Ponics.
Sure,  we have the fish and the plants. We do the "total recovery"....keep the fish solids in the system, not flushing them out. We run parallel feed of fish solid water (from fish tank) to the bio-filter beds. Such that if I have three bio-filter beds, all three get an even distribution of the "dirty water".  Then we have Indian Blue worms to eat the fish solids. We move the water input each…

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Glenn's design drawings

Sylvia has posted my drawing of bucket siphons, air pumps and tea makers at Enjoy. Some of the designs are "patent pending" but only for manufacturing rights. Individuals, non-protits and educational are free to make their own devices for use. It just when you cross the line to manufacturing that we need an agreement. Enjoy, these devices…


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Air lift pumps in Aquaponics

I have been working with air lifts in Aquaponics and wondering if anyone else is trying them. 

We first tried the air lifts to deal with a problem of theft at school locations. Submersible pumps were being stolen regularly. So we put the air pump in the class room, a super quiet model, and ran the air line out the upper window to the fish tank. We had to invent our own pump because we could not find a commercial model.

If anyone is interested I will email them…


Added by Glenn Martinez on May 31, 2012 at 1:21am — 90 Comments

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