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Time to Start Outdoor System March/April 2015

Its the end of March, the weather is starting to warm up (40F instead of 20F) and its time to get the greenhouse back up and running.

This year I am going to add DWC bins to the system to grow my green leafy vegetables. In order to do this I have to cover the sump tank with a floor and build a table on it where the DWC will sit. There are 3 bins with 8 cut outs each to support 3" net pots. I am starting everything from seed. I am using rock wool as the medium to grow the plants in.…


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February Update of Indoor System

So here it is, the end of February. I still have the same issues with my plants. The main reason why I built this indoor system was so my Tilapia would not freeze to death in my unheated greenhouse. My limited amount of space in my basement forced me…


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January 2015 Indoor Aquaponics System

My growing season ended in October when we had a cold snap and my plants were wiped out. My tilapia were not at a harvestable size yet and the water temperature dropped to 58F. 

I built a indoor Aquaponics System based around a 100 Gallon Cattle Trough. I had very little space in my basement, so the entire system needed to fit on top of the fish tank.

I had a…


Added by Richard Kowalski on January 18, 2015 at 1:01pm — 1 Comment

Trials and Tribulations of getting a Flood and Drain System Up and Running

Well, It took me a while to get the greenhouse built and the grow beds built. In the beginning of April, I finally finished the plumbing of my system.

It consists of a 300 Gallon fish tank, a 150 Gallon sump tank, a 3X6 and a 3X4 grow bed, a Bio Filter and a Radial Flow filter. I am using Hydroton in my grow beds. I used 1 inch PVC pipe for the…


Added by Richard Kowalski on April 13, 2014 at 12:45pm — 4 Comments

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