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Middle trough on system 1. This trough was constructed by adding plywood sides on a 4'x10' shipping pallet. I built it, lined it, placed it level and plumbed it into the system in about 4 hours.

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Comment by Howard Waldman on May 12, 2011 at 2:14pm

i arrived here going backwards in your album. I am located in SOFL and gathering ideas before I plunge into constructing a system that will survive our summers. I like your final greenhouse shading but what is this lining material in the troughs? I am a hobbyist and wonder whether this floating system is better for me or the 15/45min flush with gravel. Yours looks cheaper to build. I see you have volcanic rock everywhere so I guess the fact that you are commercial you do the float system.

Hows the coffee? We sell yachts here in ft. Lauderdale and had a client with a coffee plantation there who would send us a 1lb once in a blue moon. Regards. Howard Waldman

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