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Comment by Bryan Man on August 18, 2011 at 10:14am
do you have any pics or construction notes for your combined clarifier and bio filter
Comment by SW on February 28, 2011 at 6:56am

The completed system,  I will be adding holes to the grow bed once I receive my grow baskets.  A nice tip from Anglea was to get the baskets that have an overhanging lip.


Specs: Turns over 600 gallons per hours on a 72 watt pump.

Fish tank - 250 gallons

55 Gallon Drum - has about 45-50 gallons in it. I combined the clarifier and bio filter into this one barrel.  I added a drain near the bottom of the barrel for easy waste cleanup.  Water is moved into and out of the barrel by siphoning.  There is a 1 1/2" pvc pipe going from the fish tank to the barrel and a 1" line leaving.  On the inside the 1" pvc controls the water level.  I cut the pvc a little crooked to allow for a bit of air to be sucked in.  Check out the "bubbles" image.

Grow Bed - I do not know how much water is in here (anyone want to do the math?) It is about 22" deep, 38" wide and 31' long.  I have the pump in the back left corner returning the water above the pool so it can gain some solar heat on the return to the fish tank.  Since this picture was taken I have added back foam insulation to the exposed pipes to increase the heat collection.

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