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The following diagram illustrates the basic layout & proportions for this proposed eco-farm to maximize yield while minimizing labor. This concept is expandable from one acre mini farms to farm units/ communities of 100 to 200 hectares. Modular units can surround cities or cover entire bio-regions.

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Comment by Carey Ma on March 11, 2014 at 4:30am


Your wish is my command. I would love to help you in any way I can. I can guarantee that my designs to date are not only ecologically sustainable but econimically viable as well... or I won't be in business long. Please note that 1. IMO income is the just the byproduct for a job well done and that making money is NEVER my motivation. If one produces truely wholesome, nutrient dense food, someone will buy it no matterwhat price one has to charge.

2, there is a long learning curve and it takes time for land to transition and the system to mature.

It is a very rewarding lifestyle not a get rich quick scheme.


Comment by Atreyu M on March 10, 2014 at 3:53am

Dear Farmscape 001, 

You mentioned about your work that is expandable. I also saw pictures from you in many other countries developing AQ systems. 

I am willing to develop an aquaponic comercial farm for a mediterranean climate like spain. I am still trying to make sure the system probes profitable as that would be a must requirement. But i am more sort of Marketing and Operations profile, I have no relation with the world of agriculture and farming although I see it as my dream job! I need to seriously evaluate the prospects of an AQ system.

Could it be possible to get some help of an expert like you?. I don't exactly know how to keep going in my research, I would like to tray a 6000 m2 eco-farm. 

Would you help me so I could develop some estimated budgets and financial prospects?

I hope not to sound too incautious. I just preferred to be honest. I really dream of changing my personal career from computers to eco-farming, something would make me really proud of.

My email is:

All the best. 

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