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A little of today's harvest. What we do not eat ourselves today is sold, through our honor farm refrigerator, to our neighborhood. The carrots are kept for our daughter. She will gladly eat them all!

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Comment by Ernest Fields on March 13, 2012 at 3:38pm

Coco Coir  ground up mixed with small pea gravel in very large shallow pots that drain back to a sump then pumped under pressure to the fish tank where it will be sprayed into the tank to oxygenate it. This is what I plan to use for Tomatoes and Peppers as well, except smaller diameter pots.

I am in the process of building my greenhouse now, my fish tank will be in ground and insulated with 2" rigid Foam panels. About 8 ft. in Dia. x 3 ft in depth. It will have heaters, aeraters and water pickups for outside High pressure pumps. I will have bio-filters that provide 1 cu. ft. of filter per 1 cu. ft. of water each cu. ft of bio-filter will provide 100 sq. ft. of filter area with bacteria. Fish will be .5-.75 pound per gallon depending on harvest time for fish. The bio-filters will each have a bell siphon that will empty approx. every 15 min. depth will be 12 inches. If deeper you can get foul odors and disease problems. The odors come from anaerobic bacteria and you certainly don't want them. (Salmonella, etc.)  The stuff you get in your swirl filter will be pumped directly into the bio-filter where bacteria will break them down. I will add some rock powder about ounce a month for micro-nutrients. I will use NFT grow channels (4" PVC) with holes spaced 5" apart with channels spaced 5" apart on stand For Lettuce. I will use a plastic plug manufacturer in large sizes to plug the end of channels. Drains will be on one end near the end of tubes, into a sump the back to tanks under pressure.

Ernest Fields

Comment by Chris Smith on March 13, 2012 at 2:23pm

I grow the carrots in wicking beds. I use recycled coconut coir for the media. I  fertilize with system water and the stuff from the bottom of the swirl filter.

Comment by Ernest Fields on March 13, 2012 at 1:51pm

What is your growth media for the carrots

Ernest Fields

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