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Comment by Carey Ma on January 5, 2014 at 5:56am

This is meant to be a self feeding/ self regulating, zero input system. Basically the concept is to combine the use of shipping containers and natural swimming pond filtration in a multi-trophic application. The only folly I see so far is that one has to wear waders or tall rain boots to harvest/ check/ maintain big fish. I guess it wouldn't be too difficult to build a platform/ runway across the pond, over the containers.

I might have been a bit ambitious using six containers (fish to bog area ratio), so maybe leave one container empty as your private swimming hole. There are two sets of floor level. The higher edge-water shelf would hold plants in net-pots or geotextile pots of various sizes and height depending on crop or regenerative flora. The lower ledge would be used to grow submerged plants as well as sections using raft technique to simulate shadow areas. Zooplanktons that form provide feed for the harvestable meat products which include fish combinations and crustaceans.

Don't expect to get rich with this but I think it can certainly help lower the food bill while getting great organic food with little work or cost. A nutrient source would be helpful. A line of rabbit cages over the South side would do wonderfully. Or if you are not too squeamish, dose it with pee-ponics, fresh or processed.

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