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Temporarily Fishless

Just wondering if anyone has some recommendations on how one might supplement a temporarily (Backup failure during HOT HOT stormy summer ni…

Started by TCLynx

2 Sep 7, 2015
Reply by TCLynx


Brand new here. Got the link from Meir Lazar to join here. I am in the process of building my first system. For the past almost year I am l…

Started by Gregor Sidler

13 May 26, 2015
Reply by Gregor Sidler

Some plants grow better in my raft, others in my flood and drain?

I'm running a humonia system. I have a system of 6 half barrels, at the first end are two raft barrels, the other four barrels are flood an…

Started by Stacey King

2 Mar 24, 2015
Reply by Stacey King

Can nitrate water be stored?

I started a 25 gallon fishless startup 12 days ago and the nitrates are coming up very nice.  When the ammonia and nitrite drop to 0ppm the…

Started by Gene Parbst

0 Feb 1, 2015

Nitrates in fresh Humonnia?

Hello, I'm new to AP/PP and haven't read through all the treads on PP, there is a ton of great info here!  I tested my fresh urine this mor…

Started by Gene Parbst

9 Jan 31, 2015
Reply by Mary&Bobby

conclusions of adding milled soy flour (urease enzyme) to humonia

Day 6 urease aged humonia: Today there is no change in the ammonia produced from urease aged humonia.  It tested the same as day 5: 16 drop…

Started by Gene Parbst

0 Jan 30, 2015

after aged humonia reaches 9+ ph does it continue to produce ammonia?

The results of adding 1/2 tsp of some old home milled soybean flour containing urease enzymes to 32 oz of fresh urine are pretty amazing: a…

Started by Gene Parbst

13 Jan 29, 2015
Reply by Gene Parbst

can urease enzyme be added to urine to speed up the hydrolysis of urea in urine?

I started collecting my urine yesterday to age into ammonia.  Did some research on the microbe that does the hydrolysis of urea and found t…

Started by Gene Parbst

2 Jan 24, 2015
Reply by Gene Parbst

Planning PP system, what size source tank?

Up north (Michigan) the winter is a good time to make plans with 6-8 weeks before the earliest growing starts.  I'm planning my first PP sy…

Started by Gene Parbst

0 Jan 23, 2015

Pee-Ponics Flowering - Struvite

Meir Lazar got me thinking...pee-ponics philosophy... When he asked how to add P or K to his pee-ponic system(s) for his flowering fruiting…

Started by Vlad Jovanovic

86 Dec 12, 2014
Reply by Butch Pornebo


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