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Just wondering if anyone has some recommendations on how one might supplement a temporarily (Backup failure during HOT HOT stormy summer night) fishless system used for commercial production?

I want to be careful not to use anything that would be harmful to fish that will go into the system in the future and because it is growing produce for sale, I can't go running it as pee ponics. 

Currently I'm just dumping the regular amount of feed into the mineralization tank to be digested by microbes and then I'll start siphoning off the clear water (until I can set something up like Rob Torcellini's mineralization tank trickle over.)  Is this the best use of resources?  Can I be better fine tuning my nutrient profile during this time another way while we are sans fish in that system?

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Hi Aleece, how about compost tea? Add worm castings to it. My new bed made the water leaf tea brown but the fish were actually very happy and hungry.

Fish don't seem to mind brown water often I wind up with very dark water after using seaweed.

I guess I should start brewing more vermicompost teas.  I have the worm castings and the molasses.


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