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I am trying to estimate just how big I need my tilapia to be so I can get at least a reasonably sized fillet. 

I am building a few fish traps so I can get a 'test' idea now of my tilapia's size so I can  plan feeding regimes etc. I know I have ALOT of fish that are now under under 3 inches,so there is no way any of them will be ready before cold weather kicks in.

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Figure on 50% of the fish size is edible meat. Personally I will wait for the 2lb+ mark but that's me.

2lbs will produce about a pound of filet or 1.25 lbs of meat if you cook the whole fish. There's meat in the head and ribcage that fileting misses.

We harvest between 2 and 3 lbs, with our largest being 3.5.

i harvested 15 2+lb fish and got 10lbs of skinless fillets..

larger tilapia seem more "bony" to me...

I find myself in the minority here, pleased but surprised with the great numbers I am seeing below. I've been growing and selling tilapia for about 33 years now and have rairly seen filet ratios more than 34-35% and total meat values exceeding 55%. Considering cost benefit issues, most farms raise their fish to between 1.5 & 2.2lb (1kg). Live and learn I guess.

i agree Dr. George.. i'm getting about 35%

Temperatures are starting to fall. It will be a while until my water temps in my inground pool fall to lethal. But I will be harvesting all the fish I can. I may have to keep them as whole fish rather than fillets, but that is better than losing the meat.

I am not even going to try to save the little ones. Hopefully some will survive and give me a headstart for next year. The others will simply be a meal for the catfish.


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