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Tonight for dinner I sauteed up some young beet plants (had to do some thinning) and added some sunflower shoots and pea shoots into the mix.  This was tasty and would make a great addition to all sorts of dishes or meals.  Talk about a great way to up one's intake of veggies.  We did some sauteed greens added to soup the other day.  The spinach was to die for!

I've found that the shoots of pea plants and sunflowers when added to a stirfry can give the impression of eating rice noodles so this would be a great way to cut carbs and get more veggies.  The sunflower shoots or sprouts are wonderful snack food.


I guess I'm gonna need to write a blog post about growing shoots.


I've been reading Michael Pollan's book, "In Defense of Food" and it is definitely making me want to eat more whole foods.

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Thanks for starting this, TC.  I never thought about doing shoots in AP - always so focused on the "mature" plant.  Are you just broadcasting those seeds over a bed?  Looking forward to that blog post.


I've got a couple big, old celery plants that were needing a good haircut so they would stay off their neighbors.  I trimmed them, then stuck the branches in a vase for the day to enjoy looking at them, then chopped them up into Cream of Celery soup that night.  Yum.  Also been enjoying playing with herbs and seeing where I can insert mint, oregano, chives and basil...besides salads.

Well my method for doing shoots is kinda unorthodox for aquaponics (not in the gravel beds at all) but as a side bit/add on it is great.  It is also how I'm starting seedlings for planting in the dirt garden.


I should go get the camera and work on that blog post now.

Sorta like Food Inc, but with the pharma / feeding of animals info
I think Bill Morrison of Permaculture has it right, if you want organic food, grow it yourself.

yea, and I don't feel that strongly that it has to be strictly "organic."  Seeing as there are some very healthy/sustainable practices that can't get the "organic label" but growing your own is definitely the way to go.


And one can manage to grow a heck of a lot in a small space.  I'm finding that the hardest part of all this is actually learning how to make good use of what we grow and figuring out how much of what to grow.  Growing it isn't the difficult part.

Here is the blog post about how I'm growing the shoots and starting seeds and it would work well for micro mix salad greens too.


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