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I'm getting ready to get an order of catfish to quarantine.  Since my systems can handle the minimum order and the 300 gallon system will be able to handle quarantine of a fairly large number of small fish I am offering to get a larger order than I need so I can share out to others once they have been isolated for for 3-6 weeks.


Now for stocking catfish, I wouldn't really push them on anyone with much smaller than a 300 gallon fish tank and I've also heard of situations where very small numbers of channel catfish can become aggressive to each other especially if there is already a big guy in the tank and smaller fish get added, the big guy may chase the others to the point that they jump out of the tank.


In a 300 gallon tank with 300-600 gallons of media beds, 30 fish is a reasonable number if you like to grow catfish big (how big will depend on the amount of media beds.)  I have grown more in a 300 gallon tank before but as they got big it really seemed over crowded to me and without some form of backup aeration they wouldn't have survived long with a power out.


Anyway, I'm gonna start collecting orders but probably won't actually get the fish till early March (I don't want to freeze the new fish if I can help it.)


Please let me know how many you would like, figure they will be available last week of March or first Week of April for those who don't feel too much need for quarantine or Later in April (as schedules allow) or even May.  For the service of getting the fish, quarantining and providing them in small numbers, I'll charge $1 per fish just to keep the numbers easy. 


If you get them from the farm, they cost less but you have to get a hold of them when they happen to have fish available, they won't go into the pond for a small order.  You also have to talk them into bagging the fish for you, they don't like to do that with catfish anymore apparently.  The minimum order for the smaller fingerlings was 100 fish last I knew or 50 of the larger ones.


Anyway, let me know either here or by message how many catfish you want.  (I think aggression may be less if there are at least 15-20 fish in a tank but I haven't really gotten to experiment with that too much.)

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Ok, Catfish group order. Will be calling the fish farm to see what they have available. Finally I've had a stretch of time without any fish kills or disease presenting so looking to re-stock catfish again.

So, who is still up for some Catfish. Ron has sent me an e-mail and I have a tank/system for quarantine so it's time.

$1 per fish is what I figure lately for bluegill or small catfish, we have to schedule pickup times when I can be home for catching fish and you need a container and aerator for the transport of the fish home with you as I don't have oxygen or the stuff for bagging the fish.

Called the fish farm and it will be a couple weeks before they have fingerlings so let me know ASAP if you are in for the order and for how many so I know how many to get.

Anybody still wanting to order please re-confirm with me.


Anybody?  I'll need to hear back from people again before I order extra fish for you.  Right now Ron is the only one who has confirmed he wants some Catfish when I put in the order.

Ok, I never heard back from anyone else.  We got the catfish this morning and I've set some aside for Ron.  I didn't get many extra so if you still want some you better be the first one to contact me.


Currently Florida Fish Farms has small channel Catfish fingerlings on the small side of the 3-5" range.  I think their minimum order is like $30 and you have to call and call again till you actually get a hold of them 352-793-4224 (they rarely respond to messages on the answering machine and I've never gotten a reply to any e-mails.)


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