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I'm interested in getting about 30 trout fingerlings in November and raising them over winter.  I'm pretty sure that's too small of a number for most suppliers.  Anyone want to go in on a purchase and/or know of registered aquaculturists to recommend for trout in the Sac area?  [Yes, I know about DFG's list of aquaculturists; I'm looking more for recommendations based on your own experience].

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I'm interested to know what they cost. I got to see some real beauties at AquaBiotic Systems up in the Santa Cruz mountains. Gorgeous fish. I'm still looking for food grade totes btw. Almost picked a few up today but found out some were used to ship/store concrete sealer and the others contained glue... guy told me it was all food grade and fda approved to boot. back to the fish, here's a photo of one of the trout, I think he was a year or so old? It's late, I'm tired, here's the photo:


Count me in for 100. Can drive up from Vallejo.



I know of one nearby, but they want a minimum of 500 fingerlings ordered. I'll look into it for you. 

By December I plan on having some Kokanee fingerlings available, and they are SO much better tasting, IMO.

I would like to try some Trout, I'll take as many as needed to get them.  I have a new 275 gallon IBC tote to put them in.  Whats the latest word on this?

Hi everyone,

After more consideration, I've changed my mind and won't be putting trout into my system right now.  I don't think my current level of filtration is adequate for them, and I'm not sure I have the time to do what it takes to improve it soon enough.  I encourage the rest of you who have indicated an interest to pursue a purchase together.  If I get any more info on sources, etc., I'll pass it on to you here.


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