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I am thinking that a tour of Stillpoint Aquaponics is in order...there have been many requests for me to do this, so September 8th works for me.


Plan it...does this work for you all?


Let's Meet-up here @ the Grass Valley area.


Details as soon as I find some one to do this computer stuff.

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Would love to come unfortunately have afternoon booked. What is time frame?

Looking forward to driving up from Vallejo.

barring unforeseen complications, I'm in.  Looking forward to seeing you and your digs, Blair.  Thanks so much for the invite.

I would also like to attend. It would make for a nice day trip.



Hi all,

I opening my gate @ 9A.M. on the 8th of Sept. and am looking forward to this opportunity to share my adventure with you.

I do not know what is the best way to get my address & ph# to you so I am open to suggestions.

Thanks for your enthusiasm and timely responses.


Thanks for hosting the meet up. The best way to get out the details may be through pm and email. Accept the folks that want to come over as friends and exchange the vitals that way. Shot you an invite to pm and all you need to do is accept to setup the connection.

Hey Paul,

For the 6/10 tour how did tou get directions out to everyone? 

Also, what is an pm?

Hello Aquaponic Trippers,

We are looking forward to having you all visit us here at Stillpoint @ the Grass Valley area and to collectively share our experiences & wisdom(s) on how to provide the conditions that feed the environment for fish & plants to grow in harmony together.  This workshop/tour will start at 9:00AM on Saturday and conclude at about 2:00 to 2:30PM.

Please bring the following for your comfort: your lunch, water bottles and beverage, (town is too far away to make a lunch run), a folding chair and also remember to wear and bring clothing that is comfortable & covers a wider range of temperatures than you are likely used to in Sacramento (hats are good).  The red farm gate will be open for early birds at 8:30AM and then we get started right at 9:00.  Please leave pets at home. . .thanks. 

I will provide you with a map to our farm--follow his map and NOT your GPS or Map Quest--in which case, on the other side of the mountain is where you'll end up.  If you do get lost, please call and we’ll guide you in. 

Finally, heads up for a "hands on" opportunity if you would like to participate in building a large grow bed and large fish tank using HDPE and a special welder. Other cool tools will be used to prepare and finish our projects. Skills and a sense of workmanship are important for safety and beautiful functional results.   A date is tentatively set for Saturday, September 15th--time 9AM to 4PMish.  We will provide an organic lunch for all who come and help us. Check your calendar to see if you are free that day.  So put on your Aquaponic think hat and on Saturday, we'll be seeing you! 

Blair & Victoria

Who is coming this Saturday to Stillpoint @ the Grass Valley area?  I want to get a map out to you all and my phone#, but I'm not sure this is the place to do this...Hey Paul can you give me some idea? 

Blair, I just hosted two AP tours in Santa Cruz. I posted my email so interested folks could email me, and I could correspond with them, including schedule, address, tel numbers, and directions. By posting your email, you will get an accurate count of who is interested, and your physical address will not be made public, which prevents a horde of random guests.

I'd love to join you, but so dang busy. I'll pm (private message) you if my schedule loosens up, and thanks for opening your place. I know I enjoyed meeting everybody who came, about 50-60 of them (that's why the 2 tours)


The family and I are making the trek to Grass Valley Sat. You and your family are welcome to stay here with us in Vallejo Sat night. In your debt for the tour last month and accommodations; would love to return the favor. My system cycled and is ready for fingerlings; so would like to catch up to you this month if possible. - Francis 

Cool, it would only be me if I go, I'll email you tonight. How manyof what kind are you looking for? Thanks


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