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**chat about all things Aquaponic

**start prep for July State Fair Aquaponics exhibit

**tour my two working AP set-ups (one on site, one a block away).

Sat., Feb. 23, 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm

Location:  Southside Park Cohousing Community Common House

434 T Street, downtown Sacramento

Meeting room is wheelchair accessible; my AP set-ups are not.

Note that the Common House (434 T) does not front the street. Between 412 T and 440 T, look for a sidewalk that takes you into the back yard area of the condo community and leads directly to the Common House.

It'd be useful to know if you intend to be there.  Reply to this discussion or to me individually if you prefer.  Thanks!  Looking forward to seeing folks!

joezbro at gmail dot com

PS:  some of you are members of the Sacramento Area Aquaponics Meetup Group that Janet Little started last year as an offshoot of this group.  Unfortunately Janet is moving out of the area and that Meetup group is expiring.  There are a bunch of new people who joined the Meetup who we will try to redirect here as the Meetup expires.  I'm announcing the 2/23 meeting on the Meetup site as well.  But apparently I need at least 2 other people to RSVP on Meetup in order for the announcement to be posted to everyone there.  So, if you're on the Meetup group, could you also RSVP there?  Click here to do so, and thank you very much.

PPS:  if you have additional specific ideas for what you'd like to see happen on Feb. 23, feel free to let me know.

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Cool Paul, I will try to be there. I have a chickens/rabbits class scheduled that day, but if things change I'll be there. Saturdays are so sacred these days.

I will do my best to be there!

Reminder, Sacramento aquaponics meeting this coming Saturday, 2/23, 1:00 - 3:00 pm.  We've got about a dozen folks confirmed and another 1/2 dozen maybes so far.  A few additional items folks have brought up to discuss:  an IBC system for sale; a state sub-committee on aquaponics to advise the Dept. of Fish & Wildlife; possible local AP tour.  Etc.!  Hope to see y'all there.

Paul,  is it ok if I bring my wife to the meeting?  she is the reason I got into Aquaponics.


Alan, absolutely!  

It would be a treat to meet both of you.


Alan McKnight said:

Paul,  is it ok if I bring my wife to the meeting?  she is the reason I got into Aquaponics.


Well, that was fun!  15 in attendance, with experience ranging from "just getting started" to "used to work at the largest recirculating fish farm in the nation."  Thanks to all who made it and participated.  To the best of my memory, here's what we covered:

--reviewed State Fair situation; Big focus on urban farming this year at the fair, with more of a focus on "how you can grow your own food" than "here's what's grown on farms for you".  Also tie-ins with "farm-to-fork" movement.  Aquaponics should fit all that very nicely.  Almost everyone in attendance indicated they'd like to work on AP component of fair between now and then and/or during the fair.  Randy & some of the folks who worked on it last year will be in touch with the State Fair folks and then get back to us.  

--Ian D. to look into organizing another local tour of up-and-running AP systems.

--informal discussions of which fish to use in AP, where to get 55-gallon drums & IBCs, Adam's IBC AP system for sale (see other post on this forum), subcommittee that will advise State Dept. of Fish and Wildlife on AP, upcoming trainings (Max Meyers at San Rafael in April and Max Meyers @ Solar Living Institute in May), etc.

--Anne mentioned Luther Burbank High School's after-school garden club (BUG) has some aquaculture equipment laying around.  If there are others who are interested in volunteering, could set up an AP system there.

--did a quick tour of AP systems on my porch and in little greenhouse nearby.

Will meet again sometime in the not-too-distant future, I'm sure.

Others who were there - if you want to add or correct any of this - please do chime in!



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