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I thought that I'd share a few pictures of my first Aquaponics try.  I'm about 6 weeks into it, and I think things are finally going smoothly - or atleast in the right direction!  This is an IBC system, with hydroton media.  I found that the media dispersed a lot of "dust" into my water making it cloudy.  I built a swirl filter and within 48 hours my water cleared up really well.  I was also getting algae!  I bought 4 or 5 algae fish, and covered the tank and bed with a jute screen to block the light!  Things are working out really well now! I currently have about 40 small to medium size goldfish in the tank. Enjoy! Please give me tips or feedback! Thanks! And hello to all!

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Can you Please,give some more information on the swirl filter?  I spent a lot of time and water in washing the media, but still get the sediment.




No problem.  I literally took a 5 gallon alhambra bottle, flipped it upside down, cut the bottom out (which is now the top), fitted it with 2 bulkhead fittings, one for pump in, and one for gravity drain out.  I ran a pump from tank to midline of the bottle with a 45 degree elbow on the inside of the bottle forcing water around the edge of the bottle, to create that "swirl" with a slight downward tilt.  The solids will settle to the bottom of that bottle because of density and the swirl effect.  On the top of the bottle I put a 2" elbow into a 3/4" pipe running through the bulkhead fitting and back into the fish tank. It is essentially a stand pipe. Also, dont forget to add a ball valve fitting to the bottom of the bottle (originally the top) so that you can purge all the solids and fish poop, to fertilize your dirt gardens.  This also works well to lower nitrates, you can relesase some of the poo from your system!


Can you post another photo from the top looking straight down?   I am curious about the "T" in the top which seems to be above everything.  I guess the bottom line with the red handled ball valve is from the pump in the tank?

Thanks again, David


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