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Hey folks, Vlad Jovanovic is coming to Cali to teach aquaponics with me in Santa Cruz! This will be fun, and I guarantee we will all have a good time and learn a lot.  

There are 3 classes, a 1-day beginner, a 1-day intermediate, and a 2-day advanced class, followed by 5 more single days of related sustainable living/farming workshops covering: microbial teas, pest management, home remedies, energy from solar, wind, and biomass, greenhouse design and geothermal, compost, worms, BSFL, chickens, rabbits, fish, PV back-up, rocket mass heaters, wood gasification (electricity and heat, even power your car, unbelievably cool), and homemade fish food. Ethanol coming soon, for you wanna-be-moonshiners. 

Each day will have class first, lunch from the farm, and an afternoon hands-on build. We always have a good time, and I predict with Vlad here, this round we will have a GREAT time!

More details and reservations at

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Above, that's me in the middle, two of my three kids (TJ and Femke), and my helpers, Nathan and Sarah. And here's a mugshot of Vlad-

and me again


Jon, I think my 'ugly' may be too much for your computer to handle...hehe

Here's a nice shot of my hand instead (taken today)...


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