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Hi Folks,

I'm looking for inputs on pests in particular ants. I am looking at a document called BIOINTENSIVE INTEGRATED PEST MANAGEMENT (IPM) but was wondering if anyone has had to contend with ants and if so what did you do about it. I see a lot of ants running all over the surface of the rafts, I'm worried that they may be going after the roots of some of my plants.

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Hi Nigel,

Great to see you here. We have a lot of discussions on pest scattered here and there around the forums. Personally i leave them alone and they don't seem to affect my AP. Have a look here for further discussions

I cant speak to ants effecting the roots, but, if you want to get rid of them, diatomacious earth will take care of them.  It is non-toxic and commonly used as a calcium suppliment for farm animals.  It is a fine powder that is like glass to ants.  Put a generous line around the base of your toughs and the problem should be solved pretty quickly.  I have put it down under the weed mat my troughs are on to prevent just that.
Harold, Todd thanks again. Trying to ensure I maintain my processes as near to organic as possible. Yesterday a worker at an organic farm told me they frequently use a mixture of boiled hot peppers, garlic and neem as an organic pesticide. As soon as I have the specific formula I'll share it.


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